Hossam Ramzy

Hossam Ramzy was born in Cairo, Egypt. His musical career began early, when at the age of three he was given his first drum, an Egyptian tabla. Hossam was encouraged to master his craft and studied under leading Cairo music teachers and further studied in Saudi Arabia. In the mid 1970`s Hossam came to England and enjoyed great success as a jazz drummer working with many jazz musicians like Andy Sheperd, Geoff Williams. But he found himself full circle back to his first love, the Egyptian drums. He worked with Peter Gabriel and also with the ex-Led Zeppelin musicians, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Hossam built his own state of the art recording environment, the DRAMZY STUDIO, in which he has the latest equipment in recording technology .With all this material available, he can know how to create many new sounds of the old traditional grooves and Arabian and North African samples and loops.