Michalis Klapakis

Michalis Klapakis started playing percussion since he was very young. He has played with all musicians of the Greek tradition. For ten years, he was part of Domna Samiou ensemble and participated to many concerts in Greece and to most of the countries in Europe, America, Canada and Australia, transferring with his ability and the emotional feeling of his percussion, the pulse of the Mediterranean. Since 1980, he turned mainly to the interior relations of the percussion with dance. The contact with the dancing ensembles, in the stage of creation and the stage of the representations, has given a new dynamic to the expression of the body.

He participated in many theatre, music, and dance shows. In 1985 a group of musicians: THE AEGEAN FORCES was created, opening a new road to the Greek music, with a rich production in the field of record editions and concerts of direct contact with the audience. He is teaching at the Karl Orff institute in Athens. In the last 10 years he runs his own percussion school. He also teaches at seminars held in Greece and other countries. He has created the avant-garde group of percussion “EKATI”S FINGERS”.